THE FRAGMENTED TaLIT 1999 (14 images)

The Fragmented TaLIT, 1999

KaDeSh (The recitation of KIDUSh), UReChATz (Washing the hands), KaRPaS (eating a vegetable dipped in salt-water), YaChaTz (Breaking of the middle MaTzaH), MaGiD (The recitation of the HaGaDaH), RaChaTz (Washing of the hands a second time), MoTzI-MaTzaH (The recitation of the blessing), Ha-MoTzI, the recitation of the eating the MaTzaH), MaROR (Eating the bitter herbs), KoReCh (eating the bitter herbs together with MaTzAh), ShuLChaN OReCh (Eating the festive meal), TzaFuN (eating the AFIKOMaN), BaReCH (The recitation of grace), HaLeL (The recitation of HaLeL psalms of praise), NiRTzaH (Closing of the SeDeR).