Joseph Semah - Chaos or Symphony

At Kochi Muziris Biennale 2012 the visual artist Joseph Semah repeated his 2007 concept "Read Full Text".

Here's the Youtube link to that 2007 performance in Germany.

The performance in Kochi was very informal (like it should be in India) and was done outdoors under the trees. But the number of religions represented were more -- Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and even an agnostic calling out against religious "fundamentalism." I know only two of the participants -- Joseph Semah (reciting the Hebrew alphabet for some strange reason) and my Dad reading from the New Testament in Malayalam.

I know Joseph Semah respects religions, and the point he is making here is NOT about religions but about human weakness -- that we don't listen to each other but try to shove our faiths down everyone's throat, all the while jostling for space and power.

Uploaded with kind permission from my sister Julia Antony (who took the video).