On Friendship/(Collateral Damage) IV

How to Explain Hare Hunting to a Dead German Artist
[The usefulness of continuous measurement of the distance between Nostalgia and Melancholia]
(September 2021 - February 2023)
A critical project concerning post-war artist Joseph Beuys
Created by Joseph Sassoon Semah, curator Linda Bouws
© Stichting Metropool Internationale Kunstprojecten

DJDEBOER HUISARTS, Balth. Floriszoonstraat 23, Amsterdam
10 July - 8 October 2022 exhibition
10 July 2022, 17.00 hrs. A talk between David de Boer and Joseph Sassoon Semah - a performance Display of the Wound, Joseph & his friends 

Exhibition and performance
On July 10, 2022, Joseph Sassoon Semah's exhibition Display of the Wound and a performance took place in the gallery DJDEBOER HUISARTS, the opening preceded by the presentation of David de Boer. In Joseph Beuys' installation Show your Wound (1974-1975) Beuys referred to injuries he received in WWII. Injuries allegedly sustained when his plane crashed in 1943 and he was rescued by the Tatars, a misleading story. Sassoon Semah placed the new installation Display of the Wound (1986-2022) in the shopwindow of the general practitioner's practice: two German-made three-legged stand for surveyors covered with a white pillow, ready for the ritual of circumcision, the 'physical' circumcision. On the third three-legged stand for surveyor is a mirrored wooden model of the temple of King Solomon, (ref. 'Jerusalem from above, Jerusalem from below') with a fragment of rolled leather inside the skeleton inscribed with the Hebrew word 'Milah'. On the wall were among others ten drawings depicting the circumcision of the heart and the physical circumcision, and two drawings from the series A letter to Albrecht Dürer 1986. 

Excerpt - from a letter written by Joseph Sassoon Semah to Albrecht Dürer:
"... Please remember, such an order - [ Jose[f]ph Beuys "Show Your Wound ] "Zeige Deine Wunde - from a German [ex] Nazi soldier to a certain Guest is not innocent, and the Guest always knows what will become of this quest;
Because as it is, there is always a risk following the showing of the wound of BRIT - MILaH,
[Covenant of circumcision] in the Extended Territory of Jose[f]ph Beuys; After all, one cannot forget
the devastating actions of Nazi Germany upon the Guest's [Covenant of circumcision] - There is no secret here,
the Guest's authentic healed wound is already buried,
in the ground of the extended territory of Jose[f]ph Beuys..." 

Performance: Joseph Sassoon Semah with friends Display of the Wound Galerie DJdeboer huisarts, Amsterdam, 10-7-2022

3 x yellow surveying tripod, white ribbons, wood, leather, 2 white cushions, 2 dolls cast in bronze, 150 cm height
Courtesy of DJdeboer huisarts

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