On Friendship/(Collateral Damage) III - The Third GaLUT:
Baghdad, Jerusalem, Amsterdam

The Guest becomes Host

September 7th 2019 - January 19th 2020, 36 locations
Metropool International Art Projects Curator: Linda Bouws

18. Hilton Hotel

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Hilton Hotel Apollolaan 138, AMSTERDAM
November 17th - December 15th 2019
Architectoral model, film and meeting November 17th, 2019, 15.00 hrs.
Robert Payer and special Guest: Edwin Shuker
Architectural model:
Architectural model based on photo of Tigris Palace Hotel, Baghdad - 2019
Film and meeting:
Film and meeting with Edwin Shuker: Remember Baghdad, 2016, 69 min. A Spring Films and Echodocs Production, director Fiona Murphy. Iraq's last Jews tell the story of their country. Five families from the Jewish community look back on a barely imaginable time in Baghdad - Iraq was booming. It was a city of pleasure seekers, and there was inter-communal trust. Iraq was once of the most diverse places on earth, more tolerant of its minorities than any European nation. Today, after decades of war and instability, Iraq is a very different place. In spite of the danger, North Londoner Edwin Shuker decides to return to the country he loved. We follow him back to Baghdad. He wants to buy a house in Iraq so that he can say "The Jews have not all gone." He wants to plant a seed of hope for the future. With vivid home movies and archive news footage.


"Remember Baghdad" Trailer

Remember Baghdad – Arabic version – with introduction from Edwin Shuker

Remember Baghdad - View online


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