On Friendship/(Collateral Damage) III - The Third GaLUT:
Baghdad, Jerusalem, Amsterdam

The Guest becomes Host

September 7th 2019 - January 19th 2020, 36 locations
Metropool International Art Projects Curator: Linda Bouws

3. Goethe-Institut

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Goethe-Institut Herengracht 470, AMSTERDAM
September 12th - October 18th 2019
Exhibition, performance and lecture, September 12th, 20.00 hrs.
Mikko Fritze and Helga Marx
Architectural model:
Architectural model based on a photo taken in early 1930 of a house in Baghdad's Jewish quarter - 2019
Drawing from the series 'On Friendship/(Collateral Damage) III - The Third GaLUT: Baghdad, Jerusalem, Amsterdam' - 2018 and installation.
Joseph Sassoon Semah, Baruch Abraham, Levent Aslan and Zuhal Gezik with six students Aslan Muziekcentrum, Atousa Bandeh, Peter Baren, Mikko Fritze, Dali Heymann, Uzi Heymann, Jom Semah, Yvonne Strang and Els Wijnen.
Keynote speech:
Dr. Yael Almog (Goethe University, Frankfurt): East-West GaLUT.
The lecture explored the presentation of the East in the works of the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - particularly in his major work on Eastern aesthetics, the West-Östlicher Divan. In Divan, Goethe depicts the possibility of cultural exchange through art between the East and the West. What was the meaning of this vision in Goethe's time? How can we understand the West-Östlicher Divan in light of contemporary polemics on migrants and refugees? The Israeli migration to Western Europe was presented as a unique case study to examine the contemporary validity of Goethe's vision.



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