On Friendship/(Collateral Damage) III - The Third GaLUT:
Baghdad, Jerusalem, Amsterdam

The Guest becomes Host

September 7th 2019 - January 19th 2020, 36 locations
Metropool International Art Projects Curator: Linda Bouws

6. prof. mr. E.J. (Egbert) Dommering

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prof. mr. E.J. (Egbert) Dommering private meeting
September 19th - October 19th 2019
Architectoral model and private meeting September 19th, 19.00 hrs.
prof.mr. E.J. Dommering
Architectural model:
Architectural model based on a photo taken in early 1930 of a house in Baghdad's Jewish quarter - 2019
Introduction prof.mr. E.J. (Egbert) Dommering: About the exclusion of mixing and appropriation of cultures in the visual arts, followed by a discussion. In the art world artists regularly refer to other people's work. There is a vague boundary between incorporating forms and ideas from a different culture into one's own and appropriating or excluding them. This was explained on the basis of a number of examples as an introduction to the discussion about this phenomenon in relation to the work of Joseph Sassoon Semah.




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